Kayleigh is coming (1991)

[Hosted by ALF]

And this is Kayleigh, adopted a few years ago by us when she was 5 or 6 years old and left behind by someone.
She had been waiting in the shelter for some time when the Bossman learned from her existence at a Sleddog demonstration.
He went to visit her (for weeks) in the shelter, talking walks with her, taking us with him so we could meet.
And allthough she is female, I don’t like her attitude … darn feminist , she bosses me around whenever she can ..

And to make the story complete somewhere in 1994 they dropped another one on my head, if I didn’t have it rough enough already.
Please meet SILVER the puppy bitch from hell , she likes to do to me, what I did to BANZAI and then some, and I don’t like it a bit..
But I put some comfort in the fact that all blonde jokes I know, would fit her for 100%
She likes me very (to) much and shows it everyday when she lays her paw on my back, and if i respond to that all hell breaks loose.
The house is turned into a racing track and i have to run for my life since she likes to set her teeth in my tail and start pulling me backwards.

Every now and then we are taken out for a long walk, and what we love to do most is chasing rabbits, squirls or whatever is afraid of us.
the most funny part is that the further we run away, the harder the bossman screams, he really likes it when we run away I suppose (hihihi)

So here are some pictures of us during one of the long walks we made , at least there was a catch.. we had to pose for some pictures.
And guess what we hate the most, right… shooting Photos we have to lay still or sit or stand, if he could only make up his mind and told us what he wanted from us.
But the husky’s won’t give him succh a hard time as i like to do .. softies

I hate pictures but i’ve found a remedy, as soon as we are on the location I start digging as fast as I can.
So look at me can you tell that i have been brushed only 15 minutes ago …

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