Hello Monty (1989)

I always been a big fan of huskies , ever since i knew they existed i was totally in love with them.
But back then there was no google, no forums and ni easy acces to info so i did a lot of reading and went to the early editions of the sleddog races on the E3 strand in Eersel to talk with people and cuddle some  of those amazing dogs.
And then i saw 2 lady’s i knew from the area , who lost their recently thair dachshund, walking with a young husky.
We spent some time talking and it turned out they were the 3rd owner already, and the dog had to turn 6 months.
They had way more than they bargained for , and finally when they were desperate, they told me the  dog had to  go or they would put him down.

I took the dog in , could not keep him , but at least he would have a place where he could stay for as long as needed, and where he was wanted.
I did a lot of training with him , and in 2 months Monty turned into a dog that was pottytrained, knew all basic commands, and even more important was again a playfull and happy dog.
It brought tears to my eyes when i had to give him up, determined that i find at least a good place for him i started looking.
I found a great spot for him where he was wanted and more than welcome, sadly never heard anything back from him, so i can only hope he had a wonderful life with a loving owner.

And exactly that experience was the seed that was planted, i was born to give abandoned husky’s a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) chance, that was a challenge that i loved so much
that i decided that that was the thing i wanted to do for the rest of my life.

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