Hoe het allemaal begon (1986)

[Hosted by ALF]

This is me Alf, I was the first one to arrive at the ‘van Loon’ residence (about 35 years ago).
My boss Fell for me at first sight because I was completely brown, nose,eyes and the rest as you can see.
But the other one didn’t like me at all, my god that proves of absolutely no taste, i could win a prize.
Especially when there would be a clever dog contest (although i don’t look that bright).
My hobbie’s are snoaring, yawning, playing an imbecile whenever i see a fly and last but not least sleeping on the couch.
I’m a real showoff, especially when i smell or see any kind of food , i’ll retrieve shoes (preferrably two different ones)

This is my best friend BANZAI, we got him one year after me so that I could play with him when my masters were at work.
Allthough his name is BANZAI, I love to run towards him at full speed ,attack him and let him eat the dirt <hihihi>.
And what the nicest part of all is, is that he is a real coward when i attack him he acknowledges my superiority.
Lately i don’t play too much with him since he’s an epileptic.

This was my smallest ‘BIG’ friend LOTJE , she sadly died at age of three because she was hit by a car
while chased by a big dog across the street.
The first few days i kept looking for her and couldn’t believe she wasn’t there anymore.
Whenever I see a York that looks like her, I still sniff to see if it is her because I miss her so much…

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